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Dick Brown’s yacht came adrift from its mooring in July 2013.  Subsequent examination of the mooring strop which was still attached to the yacht showed that the failure had occurred at the base of the ferry chain where it had been secured to the block.  (This emphasises the need to conduct full inspections of the block at regular intervals - as you will see from Jerry’s letter on the previous page five years has been judged to be the correct interval for this inspection.)  Prior to re-establishing the mooring Dick was keen to find out whether the original block could be recovered and to determine its condition..  An intrepid team consisting of Jim Barnes, John Gozzard and Dick Brown set out to do this  at the approach to low water on one cloudy but dry afternoon in August..  After a fruitless search from Dick’s tender Jim elected to search on foot in his wet suit as the accompanying pictures and short movie clip show.  The tide was still ebbing at the time and Jim's location was helped by a line that had been attached to the stern of T’Narra.  Thanks to Jim’s persistence success was achieved and a marker line and float attached to the block.  It remains to be seen whether the metal on the block will prove sufficiently strong to act as a lifting point but the benefits of regular and full mooring inspections is clear.