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Cargreen Yacht Club White Sail Challenge - Invitation to WQSC Members

WQSC members are cordially invited to take part in the CYC White Sail Challenge.

This is a low key event and provides the opportunity to join CYC members for an evening sail in local waters.  

The Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2017 starts with its first event on Wednesday 10 May at 1800 and the full schedule can be found in the sailing instructions below..

Entry is free of charge and application to take part is easy; simply apply by text (preferred) to 07885 914148 or by email to tony-head@lineone.net.  Handicaps are then allocated.  WQSC members are invited to tow their tenders down to the Cargreen area and leave them on a vacant CYC mooring whilst sailing in an event, then return and pick up the mooring afterwards so that they come ashore to attend the post event debrief in the CYC bar.


The Challenge, consisting of 12 events generally on Wednesday evenings during the season, has the aim of providing fun and gently competitive sailing for all types of yacht, large or small, mono or multi hull, and is especially suitable for beginners and family crews.  

It is not racing in the usual sense.  Instead, boats participate in the Challenge by sailing a defined course around navigational buoys in the vicinity of Cargreen in a seamanlike manner, starting in their own time so that close encounters with other yachts are avoided.  The ordinary International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea apply rather than the more complicated Racing Rules of Sailing.  This means that ordinary cruising-risks insurance is usually sufficient, but this must be confirmed with insurers first.  As the name suggests, spinnakers and similar complicated sails are not used.  

Events take place around high water so that there is plenty of water space even for deep draft yachts.  Courses typically take about 90 minutes to complete and boats record their own times.  Handicaps are applied and continuously adjusted during the Challenge so that they accurately reflect actual performance on the water and so that every boat has a good chance of doing well.  After each event, the boat crews meet up in the CYC bar for refreshment and bring-your-own picnic suppers, whilst the results are worked out and experiences swapped.

Event Organiser:-

Tony Head

CYC White Sail Challenge Officer

6 Osborne Villas




Tel +44 1752 550708

Mob +44 7885 914148

Click here for Sailing Instructions