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Eddystone Pursuit Event



Five club boats took part in this year’s Eddystone Pursuit Event on 17th June raising a total of £3081.92

The event is a pursuit race, sailing a 26 mile course from the Mountbatten breakwater around the Eddystone light and back.

Boats representing WQSC were;

‘Alchemy’ – Dave Blackman

cotts7@live.co.uk 01822 840635

‘Balu’ – Dick Brown

dicktavybrown@hotmail.com  01822 614161

‘Bequia’ – Peter Kersey

peter@duramater.force9.co.uk 01822 616449

‘Sea Nymph’ – Jim Barnes

jimandpru@tiscali.co.uk 01822 841464

‘Ocean Reality’ – John Harris

 john@burnthill.f9.co.uk 01822 840577

 The full results from this year’s Eddystone Challenge can be found below;




 3 Boat Teams