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Weir Quay Sailing Club  Membership Fees 2018-19

Membership Year Expires 31st March 2019

Adult Membership      £40.00

Cadet Membership    £15.00

Family Membership    £55.00

Re-joining Member     £40.00

Student Membership  £20.00

Training Cadet            £20.00

Please note that we have suspended our usual joining fees for new members whilst we migrate to our MemberMojo system. Joining fees will be reinstated following the current membership renewal period.

Mooring Fees

Deep Draught      £245.00

Middle Draught    £220.00

Shoal Draught      £160.00

Full details of the club’s policies and your responsibilities in respect of our moorings in the River Tamar can be found on the Moorings page of the WQSC website. http://www.weirquaysailingclub.co.uk/mooring_policy_statement.html

It is not unusual for the club to maintain a waiting list for one or more of the 3 mooring lines operated by the club. Those wishing to join the waiting list should be club members and a refundable deposit of £40.00 will be requested to secure their position. Requests to join a mooring line waiting list or other enquiries regarding our mooring policy should be directed to the club’s Bosun & Mooring Officer dicktavybrown@hotmail.com

Tender & Dinghy Storage

Toast Rack                                                                £30.00

Dinghy Park up to 12ft LOA                                     £59.00

Dinghy Park over 12ft LOA                                      £74.00

Catamaran (if space available)                               £88.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Top Row under 12ft)          £31.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Top Row over 12ft)            £36.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Middle Row under 12ft)     £44.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Middle Row over 12ft)       £55.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Ground Level under 12ft)  £59.00

Dinghy Rack Storage (Ground Level over 12ft)    £74.00

If you are requesting storage for your tender or dinghy for the first time, please contact the Dinghy Park Steward gpstrong@gmail.com to confirm that a suitable space is available.

Friday Evening Cadet Training

1 Trainee       £27.00

2 Trainees     £42.00

3 Trainees     £52.00

4 Trainees     £62.00

5 Trainees     £72.00

6 Trainees     £82.00

Weir Quay Sailing Club Payment Details

BACS; Bank Sort Code: 40-44-05, Account Number: 00853569, Account Name: Weir Quay Sailing Club

By Cheque; made payable to Weir Quay Sailing Club

Please send to:

Martin Hunter


Weir Quay Sailing Club

Denham Farm

Bere Alston


PL20 7EF

Please remember to quote your name as reference when paying to help us match your payment to your membership.

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