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2.  Three moorings waiting lists will be managed, one for each mooring line.

3. On application for a mooring, following consultation with the Cruiser Secretary, the applicant will be placed on the appropriate list and the date of application noted.

4.  Should an applicant wish to be either moved to a waiting list for a different line, or wish to also be added to another line, staying on the original line list as well, the date of this secondary (or subsequent) application shall not be the date of original application to the club, but the date of request to be added to a list for another moorings line.  

5. When a mooring becomes available and there is a waiting list, the Cruiser Secretary will bring the matter to the attention of the full committee. In deciding to which applicant to offer the mooring, the date of application will be just one of several factors considered.

6. If an applicant is offered a permanent mooring and declines, but wishes to remain on the list, the date of original application is cancelled and the new date of application is the date the applicant declined.

7. If an applicant is offered a temporary mooring (for instance if a club member cannot launch their boat for a season) and declines, this does not alter their recorded date of application for a mooring.






1. Weir Quay Sailing Club has a limited number of moorings:

A.  “Deep Line” – 15

B    “Middle Line” – 14                            The maximum length of vessel will be 36’.

C    “Shallow Line” – 16

If an application is made to the club and there is not an appropriate mooring available, which especially for the deep and middle lines, is the norm, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.  The moorings waiting list is managed by the club Cruiser Secretary and Mooring Officer. This paper lays out how the moorings waiting list is managed.